Coming Events

March 2019 | Klaipeda, Lithuania

LowTEMP partner meeting

  • Exchange on the work contents of the project regarding the expansion of low temperature district heating (LTDH) grids in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as for the capacity building in the partnership and the discussion of further planned pilot activities.

17.-18. January 2019 | Berlin & Cottbus, Germany

LowTEMP Study visit in Berlin & Cottbus

  • Study visit to a technology park and a heat plant.

Past Events

11. December 2018 | Katowice, Poland

European Union Energy Day

  • The 6th EU Energy Day will showcase some of the initiatives launched to support a clean energy transition in the EU and beyond and advertise the progress already made towards delivering on the EU’s commitments, including with the 2030 targets and Clean Energy Package.
23. November 2018 | Helsinki, Finland

Finnish national Covenant of Mayors event: Decarbonisation and the future of climate and energy in Finland

  • This workshop aims at showcasing ambitious plans implemented by cities, to present the Covenant of Mayors framework, its activities, and what it has to offer to Finnish local governments.
16. November 2018 | Berlin, Germany

World Energy Outlook 2018

  • The World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency is one of the world’s most important energy market analyzes. Questions on the future development of international energy markets are regularly the focus of the report that is presented at the event.
23.-25. October 2018 | Tampere, Finland

Energia 2018

  • The event shares the current information and knowledge on energy production, distribution and sharing as well as energy storage.
19.-21. October 2018 | Riga, Latvia

International Power Industry, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure and Environmental Technology Fair

  • The central event for industry professionals in the Baltic States.
17.-18. Oktober 2018, Gdansk, Poland

Conference “Energy Efficiency Cities” – How to set the ball rolling?

  • Topics to be discussed are more energy efficient systems and new smart energy buildings both using innovative heating technologies (e.g. low-temperature district heating systems) and energy management systems. In this context, the Interreg projects Act Now! and LowTEMP will be presented.
10.-11. October 2018 | Seinäjoki, Finland

VISU International Bioenergy Days

  • The International Bioenergy Days are a two-day event consisting of a Bioenergy seminar in Seinäjoki and a Bioenergy field trip day. The topics of the event are bioenergy use and production and the heat entrepreneurship business model. Great emphasis is also placed on the development of new bioenergy-related project ideas and networking.
08.-11. October 2018 | Brussels, Belgium

European Week of Regions and Cities

  • Discussing district heating challenges and opportunities with European local and regional authorities.
25.-27. September 2018 | Helsinki, Finland

Global District Energy Days

  • Opportunity to discuss major issues of importance for European and Global District Energy sectors across a range of technical and commercial issues; from resource assessment and innovative technological design to market and policy developments.
19.-21. September 2018 | Riga & Gulbene, Latvia

LowTEMP partner meeting

  • The meeting for an intensive exchange on the work contents of the project regarding the expansion of low temperature district heating (LTDH) grids in the Baltic Sea Region, as well as for the capacity building in the partnership and the discussion of planned pilot activities.
13.-14. September 2018, Gdansk, Poland

VI Baltic Biogas Forum

  • Promotion of LTDH solutions for heating networks to local and regional authorities, scientists and businesses. The conference covers topics related to the use of waste biomass (including biodegradable municipal waste) for energy generation through the application of biogas and other alternative fuels, especially integrated with co-generation systems and low-temperature local district heating.
10.-12. September 2018 | Gdansk, Poland

Session “Projects predict future: Our region in 20 years” at 26th BSSSC Annual Conference

  • The LowTEMP project is invited to make predictions 20 years ahead based on the results and outlooks of the project content on moderising district heating systems. How will the Baltic Sea Region look like in 2038 through the eyes of the LowTEMP project partners?
09.-12. September 2018 | HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany

16th International Symposium on District Heating and Cooling

  • World’s gathering place for district heating and cooling experts from academia and industry.
23.-24. August 2018 | Hämeenlinna, Finland

District Heating Days

  • Main event in the district heating sector held annually in Finland, where discussion of district heating challenges with high-level audiences take place.
10.-11. June 2018 | Gdynia, Poland

Pomeranian Energy Picnic

  • Promotion of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and recycling.
12.-13. June 2018 | Malmö, Halmstad, Lund, Sweden

LowTEMP project partners: Study Visit in Sweden

  • Hosted by the project partner Sustainable Business Hub and Halmstad Energy and Environment
  • Visit of Halmstad Energy and Environment (HEM) distribution network
  • Guided tour of a cooling facility driven by low temp surplus heat
  • Site visit at European Spallation Source (ESS)
  • Visit of Energy Opticon AB
  • Visit of Kraftringen’s main production facility in the Eslöv Örtofta plant, a biofuel-fired CHP plant
  • Site tour at the Örtofta factory
  • Visit to the heat recovery center at MAX IV
  • Trip to Brunnshög, where they are about to build the low temperature projection network
04.-08. June 2018 | Brussels, Belgium

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018

  • Most important European conference dedicated to sustainable energy policy issues.
09. May 2018 | Seinäjoki, Finland

Europe Day Event in Seinäjoki

  • Presentation of the LowTEMP project.
15.-16. May 2018 | Hämeenlinna, Finland

Industry Forum Energy

  • The event gathers leaders from the energy production field responsible for growth strategies and business development.
17.-19. April 2018 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Low TEMP Partner Meeting at 23. International trade fair and Congress for Heating, Cooling and CHP

  • Partner meeting and congress on heating supply of the future.
07.-09. March 2018 | Holbaek, Denmark

Low TEMP Partner Meeting

22.-23. November 2017 | Gdansk, Poland

LowTEMP Kick-off Partner Meeting