LowTEMP Conference: The Future of Thermal Grids

24 September 2019
Nordenskiöldsgatan 24, Malmö, SWEDEN

Smart, low temperature district heating and cooling systems offer new possibilities for greater energy efficiency by lowering heat losses and utilising more renewable energy and waste heat, especially in energy efficient buildings. This is the future of district heating.

In the conference you will meet participants from the district heating companies, municipalities, suppliers and universities. You will get a peak view into pioneering new thermal networks and learn about examples of refurbishment and optimization of existing district heating grids to enable lower temperatures. We also take a look at the challenges and the business models of the next generation district heating.

The conference is arranged by the Sustainable Business Hub and Kraftringen under the sponsorship of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project LowTEMP.


WATCH the livestream video of the Conference on YouTube.

Download all presentations:

01_Sven Werner: The Future of Thermal Grids

02_Kerstin Sernhed: Challanges with LTDH

03_Britta Schmigotzki: Increasing know-how on LTDH

04_Sara Kralmark: Brunnshög – building the world’s biggest LTDH network with surplus heat

05_Henrik Madsen: Data-Intelligent Operation and Optimization of District Heating Systems

06_Reto Hummelshoj: Österby Hoje-Taastrup’s – rebuilding an exisiting DH grip to low temp

07_Vladimirs Kirsanovs: LTDH in Lativa, future or reality?

08_Sven Werner: Technology trends in early LTDH

09_David Edsbäcker, Jonatan Kuuse: Smart optimization lowers the temperature in existing DH grids

10_Klaus Lauridsen: Innovation process for new plastic pipes

11_Peder Berne: Digital District Heating – for a flexible energy system

12_Markus Falkvall: Plastic pipes in Brunnshög

13_Sara Månsson: Faults and fault detection in DH substations

14_Kristina Lygnerud: Business models and financing

15_Christian Johansson: NODA Intelligent Systems

For more information about the conference, please contact:
Jenny Bengtsson, Sustainable Business Hub
e-mail: jenny.bengtsson@sbhub.se
phone: +46 76 610 05 30

Photo credits: Kraftringen 2019