ZEBAU Centre for Energy, Construction, Architecture and the Environment GmbH

ZEBAU is an independent and semi-public network point for politics & administration, science & research and planning & construction.

  • Esablishment and promotion of renewable energy sources and construction/ refurbishment of energy-efficient buildings
  • Linking of training, research and applied sciences activities of Hamburg-based universites and practical institutions

Competencies and experiences for the LowTEMP project

  • Development of energy concepts, urban refurbishment projects and municipal climate protection concepts
  • Organisation of qualified training programs and specialist conferences
  • Member of the German Association of energy and climate protection agencies & the national building alliance
  • Permanent collaboration with other national energy agencies and organisation

Main role and activities in the LowTEMP project

  • Development of an “easy-to-use” tool that will help to display the identified environmental benefits of LTDH and will be used to explain the ecological and economic advantages to convince stakeholders
  • Development of a “train-the-trainers” seminar programme
  • Work Package 3 Pilot Energy Strategies: Development of a local stakeholder platform & local pilot projects


Urban Development and Energy Concepts



Grosse Elbstrasse 146, 22767 Hamburg, Germany


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