Gulbene Municipality Council

Gulbene municipality’s administrative territory includes the town of Gulbene and 13 parishes with 22.066 inhabitants. The Development and Project Department of Gulbene Municipality Council is responsible for the promotion of the development of environment and infrastructure fields in the municipality.

Competencies and experiences for the LowTEMP project

  • Existing local centralised heating systems in the Gulbene region
  • Belava parish has been selected as a pilot case for Gulbene Municipality project activities

Main role and activities in the LowTEMP project

  • Implementation of the pilot project in the DH utilities of the Belava parish in cooperation with the Riga Technical University
  • Collection, compilation and analysis of data on generation and consumption of heat
  • Development of a strategy for the implementation of new generation heating systems in European municipalities


Developement and Project



Abelu street 2, 4401 Gulbene, Latvia


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