Holbaek Municipality

Holbaek is a municipality in Denmark with ca. 70.000 inhabitants. The heating systems in Holbaek are based on fossil fuels. The transition towards more environmentally friendly solutions is therefore an important issue for politicians and citizens in the municipality.

Competencies and experiences for the LowTEMP project

  • Holbaek municipality have signed the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy
  • Holbaek Municipality has been the lead partner of a large Intelligent Energy Europe project with 12 partners in 6 countries focusing on green procurement.
  • Holbaek municipality focuses on low-scale sustainable solutions for buildings and local businesses

Main role and activities in the LowTEMP project

Holbaek municipality will contribute to all Work Packages by identifying pilot cases, participating in the development of LTDH strategic policies and disseminating experiences from the LowTemp project. Holbaek will benefit from the pilot cases and policies and will take these into account when developing a completely new DH plan for the whole municipality.


Management Department



Kanalstraede 2, 4300 Holbæk, Denmark


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