Klaipėda University

Klaipėda University is an academic institution that enables fundamental and applied scientific research and experimental development activities in the fields of physical, biomedical, technological, social sciences, and the humanities.

  • Implementation of annually over 60 international and national research projects
  • Collaboration with research and academical partners in Europe and other parts of the world
  • Activities of international funds, programmes, and networks

Competencies and experiences for the LowTEMP project

  • Creation of effective and close linkages between science and businesses by developing innovative scientific ideas, capacity building and involving municipalities, associations and SME’s
  • Competence in information systems engineering ensures DH knowledge base development
  • .Experiences in economic evaluation processes of qualitative and quantitative economic parameters

Main role and activities in the LowTEMP project

Klaipeda University leads Work Package 2 District Heating Knowledge Platform. It develops the cloud-based knowledge platform for the acquisition of information and data, data processing, knowledge extraction, knowledge visualization and dissemination. The University collects and processes the data and information provided by partners. Furthermore, Klaipeda University takes part in the evaluation of economic gap reasons, making a comparative analysis of the economic indicators by using an economic modeling technique, as well as to generate LTDH system’s value/supply chain for end-users, according to the country’s specifics.


Informatics and statistics



Bijunu 17-206, 91225 Klaipėda, Lithuania


WP Leader District Heating Knowledge Platform


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