The Szewalski INSTITUTE OF FLUID-FLOW MACHINERY Polish Academy of Sciences

The IMP PAN, based in Gdansk (Poland), conducts fundamental research in the areas of design, construction, and development of machinery for energy conversion in flows and offers services in the area of practical engineering applications.

  • Fundamental research in the areas of principles of operation, design, construction, and development of machinery for energy conversion in flows
  • Present investigations in the fields of fluid mechanics, multiphase flows, thermodynamics and heat transfer, plasma physics, laser technique, machine mechanics, tribology and diagnostics of power sector machinery
  • Services in the fields of practical engineering applications, e.g. turbines, pumps and hydrokinetic couplings, ventilators, marine propellers, solar collectors

Competencies and experiences for the LowTEMP project

  • Scientific specialization on small-scale distributed power engineering based on renewable energy sources, especially home cogeneration power plants
  • Focus on high efficiency of distributed heat and power cogeneration (efficiency up to 90%) to stimulate high-technology
  • Combination of fundamental research with practical application in industry
  • European Centre of Excellence in the branch of clean and safe technologies in power engineering
  • Leader of the largest projects in Poland in a field of renewable energy sources
  • Leader of three European FP7 projects and other European projects

Main role and activities in the LowTEMP project

IMP PAN is the Project Leader of the LowTEMP project. It also leads Work Package 6 Capacity Building on LTDH and activities related to study visits and assessments of CO2 emission. Furthermore, the Institute will assist the project partner Gdynia in developing pilot projects.



Fiszera 14 st., 80-231 Gdańsk, Poland


Lead Partner of the LowTEMP project


WP Leader Capacity Building on LTDH


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