Author: ZEBAU

The foundation stone for the enercity energy centre on the district heating route between the copper company Aurubis and the residential and commercial area HafenCity was laid on 26th of August 2019. The heating network is fed by industrial waste heat – such systems are an important element of the so-called “Wärmewende” and go along with the transformation to low temperature district heating networks of the 4th generation. Together with the energy centre in Oberhafen, this ensures a reliable district heating supply for the future. The industrial heat has to cope with strong fluctuations due to production processes or is temporarily unavailable during maintenance and unplanned breakdowns. Boilers with a rated thermal output of around 20 megawatt and buffer storage tanks with more than 1,000 cubic meters of water content, guarantee a reliable supply to customers all year round. The completion of the new energy centre is scheduled for autumn 2020.

The enercity customers in eastern HafenCity already receive the industrial waste heat from Aurubis via a 2.7 km long district heating pipeline, which connects the local heating network with the Aurubis site on the area Peute. In the future, further customers from the area Peute (Veddel) and from Rothenburgsort will also be supplied with industrial waste heat from Aurubis.
In general, the more customers are using the industrial waste heat, the more CO2 is saved. By supplying buildings in the districts HafenCity, Veddel and Rothenburgsort that are adjacent to the heat pipe, annual emissions of more than 10,000 tons CO2 can be avoided. Aurubis currently provides around 160 million kilowatt hours of industrial heat per year. This corresponds to an average heat requirement of over 16,000 households.

Photo credits: BUE Hamburg, Roland Schneider