Author: Gulbene Municipality

In order to improve district heating systems in Gulbene Municipality and to achieve maximum energy efficiency, Latvian experts have developed “A low temperature district heating system implementation strategy for Gulbene Municipality“, which will be used for the future planning of heat supply and decision-making with regard to heat supply in the Gulbene district.

The document contains:

  • an evaluation of existing normative and planning documents as well as an analysis of the organisational structure of heat supply;
  • a description of the strategic directions for the introduction of 4th generation low-temperature district heating system;
  • a description of the experience of other European Union countries (Denmark, Sweden, Germany) in implementing 4th generation low-temperature district heating systems;
  • a detailed evaluation of alternatives for the introduction of low temperature district heating – a detailed description of the current situation for each object assessed, description of strategic developments, forecast of changes, technical solutions and resources required for the real implementation, cost-benefit analysis, SWOT and risk analysis;
  • a description of the monitoring of already implemented projects and the evaluation of results;
  • conclusions and recommendations.

The document also provides a detailed assessment of those heating objects in the town and six parishes that, based on the initial evaluation, were identified to require energy efficiency improvement measures in the upcoming years and could be potentially suitable for the introduction of the 4th generation low-temperature district heating system.

The strategy in Latvian is available here.