Author: atene KOM

Once a year, partners of the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation (BSSSC) meet to share ideas and experiences supporting the development in the Baltic Sea Region. The BSSSC Annual Conference 2018 in Gdansk focused on solidarity, participation and smart actions for a better future. One of the sessions, entitled “Projects predict future: Our region in 20 years”, was organised and moderated by atene KOM GmbH. The LowTEMP project was invited to make forecasts 20 years ahead and to pass messages to politicians. Also other projects co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme (RDI2CluB, BalticRIM, MAMBA, Smart-up BSR and Smart Blue Regions) presented their predictions.

The project managers claim that in 2038 in the Baltic Sea Region:

  • District Heating will supply more than 50% of the urban building stock. The waste energy from industrial processes will be used and the energy loss in the district heating grids will be much lower.
  • It will be possible to use part of the national funding programmes for transnational cooperation and supporting blue value chains.
  • Technological progress and limited resources will lead to inequality between rural areas; some of them will become stronger, some weaker.
  • New technologies and automatisation will play leading roles in bioeconomy (future agriculture). Consumption of meat will be reduced.
  • More policies and decisions will be made based on evidence and more accurate information.
  • Maritime tourism sites (onshore and underwater) will become more prominent in the tourist offer

We learned that life in the Baltic Sea Region in 20 years will feel slightly different from now and the behaviour of people will have to adapt to new technologies and scarce resources.

Photo credits: Jan Schmidt, Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein/Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.