Modernization of a gas boiler room with the use of an absorption heat pump – for heating the building of the Local Government Nursery (Rumia)

Introduction of an adsorption technology of the GAHP-A gas heat pump in the kindergarten “Pod Topolą”


Kindergarten owners and staff, OPEC Gdynia, community and residents


Overall aims

  • Purpose of the technology: the heat pump aims to replace an inefficient gas boiler. The old gas boiler was left to support the heat pump during the peak demand
  • Main parts of the pilot: buffer tank, heat exchanger, new hydraulic elements and hydraulic connection of the gas-fired furnace with the heat pump system were also made available.
  • Automatisation:
    • ensuring the cooperation of the old gas boiler with the heat pump
    • monitoring system to enable observation of profits from the heat pump installation

Innovative approach and benefits

  • Comprehensive modernization of the gas boiler room enabling simultaneous cooperation with a gas heat pump including the assessment of required power for heat production.
  • Reconstruction of the existing gas boiler room and replacement of the main heat source for the absorption heat pump made it necessary to install additional control automatics, which allow:
    • Cooperation of a heat pump with a gas peak load boiler
    • Monitoring of heat pump operation
    • Additional function setting for summer and winter heat pump operation
  • The construction of an absorption heat pump will reduce gas combustion and will have a positive impact on the environment
  • The Nursery “Pod Topolą” is the first OPEC client who has a gas absorption heat pump installed. Thanks to this, the company can gain a lot of new experience and will be able to justify the installation of gas heat pumps for future customers. This will significantly allow to minimize the impact of gas combustion on the environment and distribution of ecological technology.
  • Due to death of the owner of the company building the investment, the global pandemic of COVID-19  and the related closure of public facilities, including kindergartens accurate measurement results during the peak period of heat demand will be carried out in the current heating season 2020 -2021

Implementing Partner: OPEC Gdynia


Contact person: Mariusz Woźniarski,; Joanna Wojtkowska-Paszak,; Joanna Kotowicz,


Implementation phase: January to December 2020


Financed by LowTEMP project: 18.455 EUR

Financed by partner: 10.033 EUR