The final LowTEMP 2.0 seminar in Latvia took place on 2nd June 2021 and was mainly addressed to District Heating (DH) operators and technicians. It was led by the academic staff of the Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Riga Technical University (RTU IESE). The selected topics were: piping systems and distribution grids, heat pump systems, low-temperature and floor heating, large scale solar thermal systems, waste and surplus heat, large scale heat pump systems, power-to-heat & power-to-gas technologies. 39 participants, including several engineering and energy consulting companies, followed the seminar presentations and took part in the concluding discussion about the technical aspects of the presented topics.

The three online seminars in Latvia addressed three different target groups while also making it easy for participants to follow the presented topics. In addition, the participation of master and PhD students throughout the seminars underlined the importance of providing the trainings. Further, according to the participants, receiving a participation certificate at the end of the seminars added value to them. Around 200 people registered for the three events, while 126 actively participated in the lectures. 17 out of 26 teaching modules developed as part of the LowTEMP project were used during the organized seminars.