The third LowTEMP 2.0 seminar in Lithuania took place on 6 October 2021 with 66 participants, targeting municipal planners, municipal energy experts and municipal actors implementing energy measures. In most cases, municipalities in Lithuania are the main stakeholders of district heating companies and thus, have a decisive role in the development of new solutions in the District Heating sector. Representatives of municipalities were invited via the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania, which transferred invitations by e-mail to all 60 municipalities.

Therefore, the seminar offered an overview of all the available LowTEMP training modules to realize low temperature district heating, including strategic planning aspects, financial aspects, technical aspects as well as learning more about good practice examples.

The seminar was held by the Lithuanian Energy Institute with support and active participating of the associated partner – Lithuanian Thermal Technology Engineers Association (LITES). For wider dissemination of the seminar and its results two national associations – Lithuanian District Heating Association and Association of Local Communities in Lithuania – were also involved.

After the seminar, participants evaluated it as interesting, adding significantly to their knowledge on how to realize low temperature district heating.