The second LowTEMP 2.0 online seminar in Poland “Future Cities – Fourth generation district heating grids” took place on 28th September 2021 and targeted heat distributors, city administrations, building associations, building owners, SME advisory and energy foundations. It was organised by the Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych (IMP PAN) Gdansk. The topics presented and discussed included an “Introduction to Energy Supply Systems and Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH)” (presented by Dr. Mieczysław Dzierzgowski, IMP PAN), “Best practice examples: implementation of LTDH in existing buildings and installations and implementation of LTDH concepts in new urban developments and local heating systems” (presented by Prof. Adam Cenian, Dr Teresa Żurek, MSc Jarosław Łosiński, IMP PAN), “LT and Floor heating/ Convective and plane radiators in LTDH” (presented by Dr. Mieczysław Dzierzgowski, IMP PAN), “Waste and Surplus heat” (presented by Dr. Teresa Żurek, IMP PAN) and different “Contracting and payment models” (presented by MSc Jarosław Łosiński, IMP PAN).

23 participants took part in the seminar and provided positive feedback. They highlighted that the seminar provided a better understanding of the saving potential in existing technologies e.g. utilisation of waste/surplus heat, transition to low supply temperatures, in district heating grids and installations.