On Thursday afternoon, 15th April 2021, the ZEBAU GmbH held their first digital seminar as part of the LowTEMP 2.0 project. Under the title ” Hamburg’s Energy Transition – heat supply with renewable energies”, the first part of the seminar dealt with the potential of the green transformation of grid-based district heating and the second part with smaller low temperature subgrids at the neighbourhood level.

Georg Bosak from the AGFW presented the importance of district heating for the heat transition in an overarching way. Martin Breitbart from Wärme Hamburg GmbH then went into detail about the de-carbonisation path of the district heating system in Hamburg.

Two built examples of low-temperature sub-grids new housing developments were then presented and discussed with the participants. Thomas Rolf Hermes, Managing Director of the Eco Division of the FRANK Group, presented a project in Hamburg that supplies 150 flats with regenerative heat through wastewater heat. The low temperature solar heat supply from a climate protection model project, the heart of which is an ice storage tank, was presented by Bernd Schwarzfeld from Ökoplan Büro für zeitgemäße Energieanwendung.

With around 150 participants and a lively discussion in the digital chatroom, the event was a great success that will be continued in future seminars. The event was held in cooperation with the Hamburg Energy Pilots (Hamburger Energielotsen). The Hamburg Energy Pilots offer one-stop energy advice in Hamburg as well as further training seminars for professionals in the field of energy-efficient and sustainable building.