The first LowTEMP 2.0 online seminar in Poland “Low temperature district heating (LTDH) grids – possibilities and challenges” was held from 19-21 July 2021. It targeted architecture and urban development students from Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT). The meeting was co-organized and facilitated by GUT lecturer Dr. Gabriela Rembarz together with the Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych (IMP PAN) Gdansk. The seminar’s agenda included topics related to ‘Best practises in the implementation of Low Temperature District Heating’ (presented by Prof. Adam Cenian, Dr. Teresa Żurek, Dr. Mieczysław Dzierzgowski and MSc Jarosław Łosiński, all from IMP PAN) as well as the topic ‘Waste and surplus heat’ (presented by Dr. Teresa Żurek) and ‘Low Temperature and Floor heating’ (presented by Dr. Mieczysław Dzierzgowski).

About 17 participants took part in the lively discussions facilitated by Dr. Gabriela Rembarz. The response to the seminar was very positive as participants found the presentation of possible solution approaches in LTDH particularly relevant for architects and urban planners”. In addition, according to the participants, the seminar offered new ideas about topics such as isolation or how to operate wall and ceiling heating systems.