During autumn, a series of tailored trainings were offered to the County Administration of Skåne (Sweden), which is the regional level of the government. They are in charge of the regional climate and energy strategy and administer public support for climate mitigation investments. The first training on 25th August 2021 focused on trends in the development of district heating and the so-called generations of district heating. The second training on 10th September 2021 focused on energy sources and thermal storages in low temperature district heating, including a view on potential low temperature waste sources in the region that are not utilized in the energy system today. The last training on 20th October 2021 focused on customer installations and distribution systems, financial aspects of low temperature district heating and opportunities with digitalization in district heating.

The training material will be further used for new target groups
Though the project LowTEMP 2.0 will finish at the end of 2021, the plan is to continue using the material. Together with the Region Skåne and Skåne Energy Agency, Sustainable Business Hub has the ambition to carry out a training series for representatives from the planning departments in the municipalities in the region as the Region Skåne has identified the need to increase the targets groups knowledge on how the entire energy system works and how district heating and the power system effect each other.

The trainings will take place in 2022.