Author: ZEBAU

The Cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg is a business network for the Hamburg metropolitan region and has been offering networking and information opportunities for interested stakeholders since 2010. Heating is one of the core pillars of the cluster’s work. In June 2019 the eighth session of the “Heating Forum” of the Cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg took place: within the framework of the event, the Hamburg LowTEMP project partner ZEBAU GmbH took part with an introductory lecture on the topic of LowTEMP district heating networks and on the project itself.

Next to the LowTEMP presentation, there were several other interesting expert lectures integrated in the programme, for example on a project of the SAGA group for bivalent heat supply in Hamburg, in the course of which low temperature levels of 55°C have been used since 2009. At the cluster meeting it became clear that a low temperature heat supply can offer many advantages from an efficiency point of view and that inhibiting factors, such as existing comfort demands of tenants (especially in existing buildings) with regard to the maximum and minimum service water temperature, or hygienic aspects (legionella), have to be addressed accordingly.

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Photo credits: ZEBAU, 2019