During the past months, the LowTEMP project and its’ achievements have been promoted by various organisations and media channels. Now, the current European edition of the trade journal for district heating, district cooling and cogeneration “EUROHEAT&POWER”, features the LowTEMP project in a series of articles (sixteen-page specialist topic). The project management as well as several partners have been invited to present the project aims, activities, main achievements and findings. Britta Schmigotzki, atene KOM, depicts in the opening article the DH-related situation in the Baltic Sea Region, the background of the project idea, conclusions and next steps (LowTEMP 2.0). Cecilia Thapper and Hakan Rosqvist, Sustainable Business Hub, present project findings with regard to new business models for the DH sector. Partners from BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg explain the relevance of Pilot Energy Strategies (PES) to activate the various players needed to realise LTDH projects. Patrik Johansson presents in his article the innovative solution of project partner HEM in Ranagard Halmstad, which is a 3-pipe system that is energy efficient and allows lower water temperatures. Last but not least, the scientific team from Riga Technical University presents Latvia’s first LTDH project which was implemented in Gulbene as part of the LowTEMP project.