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On 28 October 2021, 21 representatives from planning offices and city administrations took part in the LowTEMP 2.0 seminar Life Cycle Cost Analyses – Using the Example of Innovative District Heating Systems to Balance GHG Emissions in German municipalities held by Cornelia Siebke from Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg.

Measuring the GHG emissions of cities and municipalities, helps to determine where municipalities stand in their effort to implement climate protection measures. The seminar presented different methods used to account for the GHG emissions. Depending on the calculation method, different results may occur. Similarly, the definition of the balance sheet framework is important, and the seminar introduced methods and frameworks to account for it.  Seminar participants discussed the pros and cons of the different methods.

Further, the seminar put a special focus on the method life cycle analyses when calculating GHG emissions. By presenting examples of low-temperature district heating systems, ways of calculating and an Excel tool were introduced as support measures when doing a life cycle analysis.