District heating and cooling is a key to the decarbonisation of Europe and the transition to sustainable energy. District energy networks still has challenges to overcome, but developments in modernizing and digitalizing existing grids and the advances of the next generation district heating and cooling show us the future. At the conference participants will get insights from different European countries on the latest within low temperature and 4/5th generation district heating as well as how to future proofing existing grids. Rolf Strandell at Halmstad Energy and Environment will give a peak view into the ongoing Ranagård project in Halmstad, Sweden, which has been partly developed within the LowTEMP project. At Ranagård, 400 new homes will get their heat and hot water supply from a low temperature district heating grid designed based on the world’s latest research in the field. As a real treat. a virtual tour to the world’s largest Low Temperature District Heating grid at Brunnshög in the municipality of Lund will be offered.

If you are thinking about introducing LTDH solutions in your city, join one of the innovative workshops held at the conference. If you haven´t yet registered make sure to secure your ticket to the conference. The latest day for registration is 19 November. The registration as well as the agenda is available here: https://www.sbhub.se/future-thermal-grids