Lowering the operating parameters of the installation in existing oversized building (Wejherowo)

The pilot measure aims at determining the appropriate heating curve for a building in order to optimize and reduce heat consumption.


Heat suppliers, energy companies


Overall aims

  • Determination of appropriate heating curve
  • Achieve reduced power supply parameters of the facilities: from 80°/60° to 65°/45°

Innovative approach and benefits

  • The existing office building in Wejherowo has been thermally modernized and the inter-nal installation has not been effectively adapted to the new conditions.
  • Old Faviers heaters in the building, which, in the event of lowering the operating param-eters of this internal installation in the building, cause a heat deficit of 10% and prevent the installation from operating with adequate thermal comfort.
    An inventory of the internal installation of the office building was made
  • Hydraulic calculations were made using the KAN OZC program and KAN SET, version 7.0 for 65/45 operating parameters.
    A heat deficit of 10% in several rooms was demonstrated, where then the heaters were purchased and replaced with highly efficient ones.
  • The operation of the installation and the node has been adapted to the new parameters.
    A new heating curve has been prepared for the facility.
  • The impact of the introduced changes in technology and automation will be monitored on an ongoing basis after the start of the heating season
  • Monitoring will be mainly aimed at checking whether, after lowering the heating curve, it will be possible to maintain the normative temperature in the room and to maintain a sense of thermal comfort for the people staying there

Implementing Partner: OPEC Gdynia


Contact person: Krzysztof Lesner, k.lesner@opecgdy.com.pl; Joanna Wojtkowska-Paszak, j.wojtkowska@opecgdy.com.pl; Joanna Kotowicz, j.kotowicz@opecgdy.com.pl


Implementation phase: January to March 2019


Financed by LowTEMP project: 1.311 EUR

Financed by partner: 231 EUR