Development of technical documentation for energy saving measures in selected objects (Petrozavodsk)

Having analyzed the data and reports produced in the course of first pilot measure together with Petrozavodsk City Administration, it was decided that 17 buildings that are in poor condition and have high average heat consumption, but have good potential for improvement would be selected for further work. See preceding pilot measure in Petrozavodsk.

Beneficiaries: Petrozavodsk City Administration

Overall aims:

  • shortlist some of the surveyed facilities that have the highest need for introduction of energy efficiency measures
  • hold a detailed inspection their heat supply systems and offer an algorithm for introduction of due measures at those objects
  • produce a set of technical and financial documentation for each object that would contain sections on heat supply control and regulation; regulation in building premises (rooms, classes, offices etc.); setting up a remote heat control system.

Environmental effects:

No direct environmental effect, reduction of heat use is expected after introduction of proposed measures

Innovative approach and benefits

. Many of municipally owned buildings call for introduction of energy efficiency measures as shown by the data collected in the course of first pilot measure. However, there was no specific technical plan for modernization of such facilities. In other words, Petrozavodsk City Administration did not have an action plan of technical measures for modernization of their property. In July 2020 a list of objectswas finalized. Each of selected objects had to obtain technical conditions for modernization from the heat supplier (PKS-Teploseti) as stipulated by the legislation. Upon receiving these, elaboration of design and estimate documentation started in September for 10 facilities from the short list. In the first half of December a seminar where developed design and estimate documents will be presented, will take place. The aim is to show the essence and cost of measures described in design and estimate documents.

Petrozavodsk City Administration benefits from obtaining a very specific technical data and solutions for a number of municipally owned facilities that could not have been developed without the project. Subsequent reduction of heat costs of municipal property will also be a monetary benefit for the municipality. Employees and customers of social facilities of Petrozavodsk will benefit from the implementation of proposed solutions and increased comfort at municipally owned social facilities.


Implementing Partner: ANO Energy Efficiency Centre


Contact person: Alexander Berdino,


Implementation phase: Januarye to December 2020


Financed by LowTEMP project: 18.823 EUR (preliminary)