Low temperature centralised heat supply system of Gulbene Municipality (Beļava village)

In the pilot, a low temperature heating system has been provided in three municipal buildings. The system consists of a more efficient boiler house (biomass) and newly constructed heat pipes. In order to meter and analyse the heating data, a remote data reader system has been installed.


  • Residents of Gulbene Municipality and building owners benefit from reduced costs for heat energy
  • Heat suppliers benefit from improved heat production efficiency and reduced heat transfer losses
  • Gulbene municipality benefits from increased knowledge about 4th generation district heating and energy management

Overall aims

The implementation of a modern district heating and smart metering system within existing buildings shall ensure stable heat costs, allow residents to analyse their consumption and compare the efficiency of the different heat supply systems. The pilot aims to stimulate the motivation of the residents to save energy. In addition, the installation of a more energy efficient heating system will allow to reduce CO2-emissions.

Environmental and health effects

The environmental impact of this pilot is significant as the new, energy-efficient boiler house now allows to reduce CO2-pollution and to generate heat energy that is 40% cheaper. It is a key milestone for the municipality and the residents on their way to a low temperature district heating strategy.

Implementing Partner: Gulbene Municipality


Contact person: Sandis Kalniņš, sandis.kalnins@gulbene.lv


Implementation phase: 15 December 2017 to 30 September 2019


Financed by LowTEMP project:

  • Smart metering system: 21.657 EUR
  • Mobile indoor climate data centers: 16.873 EUR
  • Strategy development for LTDH implementation in other regions of Gulbene Municipality – 19.807 EUR
  • Equipment part of construction contract: 11.926 EUR


Financed by Gulbene Municipality:

  • Designing and coordination: 6.921 EUR
  • Construction: 179.810 EUR